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Hocus Pocus. / Costumes: Castle Corsetry / Models: Birds of Play as Winifred and Sarah Sanderson, Chrissy Lynn as Mary Sanderson & Strange Like That Cosplay as Billy Butcherson / Photographer: Joits Photography 

Sleepy Hollow finally comes back on next week! It looks like Abbie escaped purgatory, Ichabod escaped his grave, and Jenny is still alive. I was really worried about all three of those characters and I’m glad their okay. I’m guessing Katrina is still with the headless horseman and Jeremy is still up to no good. Last time we saw Captain Irving he was confessing to murder. Hopefully something will happen to get him out of trouble. I hope we get to see more historical figures this season. I wouldn’t mind seeing James Armistead or Peter Salem (if they were in Ichabod’s timeline).

So my sister appeared in the kitchen like this:



Asking if I wanted an apple… This was one hour ago… She’s still wandering the house like this. 


Watch: 'They Daily Show' exposes birth control-penis pump double standard

Although the birth control mandate has been hotly debated and contested for its burden on taxpayers, Medicare has spent $872 million on penis pumps in the last five years alone. Viagra has also received $819 million and Cyalis more than $782 million. But you’ll never hear those numbers being debated anywhere.

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13 Striking Portraits That Challenge Society’s Views of Sikh Men by Amit & Naroop

1. Gurjeevan Singh Plahe

2. Magic Singh - Magician

3. Asa Singh - Highway Planner

4. Gurbir Singh - Polo Player

5. Chaz Singh Fliy - Creative Director

6. Ishtmeet Singh Phull - Student

7. Roop Singh - Sikh Storyteller

8. Darshan Singh Bhooi - Retired Businessman

9. Amanpreet Singh - Temple Volunteer

10. Hardeep Singh Kohli - Comedian, Writer, Presenter

Project by Amit & Naroop via Identities.Mic

[1/?] ladies on-screen:
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay in Belle (2013).

Fangirl Challenge: [12/20] Episodes - Taking This One To The Grave  - Pretty Little Liars

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Bumpy bead #bracelet now on #etsy at
Etsy.com/shop/lucyandlouiseco 😀 #lampworkbeads #glass #diy #handmade #jewelry #seedbeads