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Some facts about Daisy Bates

  •  She was born Daisy Lee Gatson on November 11, 1914 in Hutting, Arkansas
  • Her mother was sexually assaulted and killed by 3 white men and her father abandoned her soon after
  • She was mainly raised by friends and family members
  • She met her future husband, Lucious Christopher Bates, as a teenager. They married in the 1940s
  • She worked with her husband to start their own African American Newspaper, the Arkansas State Press
  • The Arkansas State Press became the most influential black newspaper in the state during the 40s/50s
  • She eventually became the president of the Arkansas chapter of the NAACP in 1952
  • Daisy and her husband chronicled different instances of black students being turned away from white schools after the Supreme Court ruling that ended school segregation in 1954
  • Her involvement with the NAACP and the Arkansas State Press led her to be the advisor to the Little Rock Nine
  • Her home became the headquarters for the fight to integrate Central High
  • She remained close with the Little Rock Nine even after the fight to get them into Central High
  •  The Arkansas State Press closed in 1959 due to lack of revenue
  • In 1960, Bates’ husband became the field director for the NAACP in Arkansas
  • That same year, Bates moved to New York City where she spent 2 years writing her memoir, The Long Shadow of Little Rock
  • Bates later moved to Washington, D.C. where she worked for the Democratic National Committee and the government’s anti-poverty programs
  • She moved back to Arkansas in the 1965 after suffering a stroke
  • In 1968, she moved to Mitchellville, Arkansas, a mainly black community, where she became a community organizer
  • She helped the community get a new water system in 1970, a sewer system in 1971, paved streets, and a community center with a swimming pool in 1972
  • She retired in 1974 and received commendations for her service in Arkansas
  • Her husband died in 1980
  • She re-launched her newspaper in 1984 and shut it down again in 1988
  • The University of Arkansas Press published a reprint of her book, The Long Shadow of Little Rock, in 1988 and her book received an American Book Award
  • She died on November 4, 1999 in Little Rock

Sources: pinterest, uark

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