Burnt Marshmallows Taste Good

I loved the season finale!  Garrett and Ward both basically got what they deserved. The fight scene between May and Ward was awesome! I was so happy to see her kick Ward’s ass! Fitz finally confessed his love to Simmons and kind of saved her life. Of course he had to sacrifice himself in the process. Maybe Fury has another serum like GH -325 to help him? I hope we Triplett become a permanent member of the team now that Wards locked up. Deathlok was freed from the Cybertek. I hope we see him go and destroy any other Cybertek programs that might be out there. Raina away which concerns me since she somehow tracked down Skye’s father. Who is he? How does she know Skye’s father?  Is she related to Skye? Why did she ask Garrett “what will I become”?   I was glad to see Patton Oswalt back but now I’m wondering what’s up with the Koenig’s. Is Billy a clone or was Eric just his twin? At the very end we saw Coulson writing/drawing something. I’m assuming it has something to do with the GH-325 serum. Is he turning into some type of alien/human hybrid?  Will we see Skye experience the same symptoms?

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